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Sean's Consulting Service

Looking for effective strategies to modernize and maximize your IT infrastructure? We use cloud computing to optimize operations, efficiency, and growth. 

As a Business owner or head of a major IT department security and cost are just some of your biggest problems. We here at Sean's Consulting Service specialize in creating cloud architects, migrating data and lowering cost. We use cloud services to achieve exceptional results industry wide by boosting companies' app development by 38% and improving infrastructure cost efficiency by 29%. Our solutions result in an annual net profit increase of 9.7%.   

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Spending less time with loved ones or tired of dead end results?

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We've helped businesses like yours reach their maximum potential

At Sean's Consulting Service, we understand the challenges faced by companies who want to reduce service calls and prioritize work-life balance. As your trusted partner, we treat you as part of our team. Some of our expertise includes:

Project Timeline Development
Leadership of Special Projects
Server Migrations Using Cloud Services
Upgrade or Overhaul of IT Infrastructure Using Cloud Services

Let us help alleviate your problems and implement our expertise for your success.


We enable IT departments to drive strategic initiatives, enhance operational efficiency, and facilitate digital transformation

We're here to help since we know your problems. Sean's Consulting Service has the experience and drive to handle your infrastructure problems with innovative solutions.

Our experts can guide you through project management, networking infrastructures, and cloud service migration and construction. We believe cloud services can open new doors for startups and enterprises. That's why we provide customized advice, solutions, and continuous support in the ever-changing cloud world.


Are these some of your everyday pain points? agility, time-to-market, cost optimization, security and compliance, disaster recovery and business continuity. As cloud service project management consultants, we can solve your infrastructure problems, boost your bottom line, and save you money. Contact us with any questions or to discuss your needs. Let our cutting-edge cloud services boost your business.

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Founder, CEO 
Mike Patterson

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